2048 City

City 2048 is a puzzle game with the same principle of action as the classic game 2048, only in it the numbers are replaced by different types of urban elements like gardens, houses or buildings.
The gameplay in City 2048 exactly repeats the gameplay familiar to players: slide in one direction to make all the tiles move in that direction. When two identical tiles come together, they merge into a new tile of the next, higher type.
The mechanics of City 2048 are very simple, and its graphics will not disappoint, even though it is minimalistic.
In fact, City 2048 has beautiful graphics and smooth animation, and it's a pleasure to play it.
City 2048 is a set of simple and exciting puzzles that, among other things, are very addictive. As in the case of the original 2048, it is perfectly adapted for play, and leaves you with a constant desire to play at least one more round.