BioMe 3D

Biome3d.COM offers us a look at your favorite Agario game from a new angle! Pleasant design, a large set of skins for you to choose from, a smooth gameplay that will delight Agario game lovers.

The only task in this Biome 3d com is to grow as much as possible. To grow, you need to eat colored dots on the map and other players. You can absorb another player if you are physically bigger than him. But the difficulty arises: the more you gain masses, the slower you can move. And when you became big to catch another player, you will need to split your character.

In this Agario 3d when you divide your character, one of the halves will shoot far ahead, absorbing a small opponent. It is important to be able to predict will your half will be larger than your opponent when you are divided. If you know that the answer is yes, then feel free to divide and devour!

Controls in Biome3d com are very convenient: at the same time, you can turn the camera with the arrow keys and use the mouse to help your cell move. This combination makes it possible for very precise movements and attacks.