Wilds.IO is a massive online game with a wide range of game action. In order to use the full potential of the game, it is worth registering with it. But in order to just chop heads without any obligations, Wilds IO also goes well. It can be compared in spirit with the cubic shooter Squadd.IO. Wilds IO will especially please those users who like IO games with a sequel and leveling game character.

Wilds IO game tasks may differ from the type of map you are going to play. But, of course, on any of the maps you will have to swing your axe a lot with pleasure, fight for the Crown of the King (or the Queen). Beginners will have to sweat a little while mastering movements, blocks, jumps and various weapons.

Conducting a battle is very thought thru and really mastering your character controls will let you easily overcome other players who run ahead and presses all the buttons at once. To make sure that you have got skills go to Arena mode, there you will have to fight with an opponent 1 on 1.

If you are registered in Wilds IO then you have the ability to create their own clans (Tribes), and for each player you invite to the game you will get a bonus. 10% of the income of invited player is transferred to you.

Wilds are constantly updated, bugs are fixed and new objects and skills are added. It is very nice to play a game that does not stand still!

Wilds IO has four game modes:
Fort - in the center of the map in Wilds IO there is a small fort, for the possession of which four teams are fighting. It is necessary to obtain and bring wood to fix the gates of the fort and also to light the fire inside the fort. This mode is also a platform for experiments, so the authors of the game offer to be prepared for the fact that somewhere on the map a huge ogre with a club can suddenly appear.
Arena - mode in the Savages and 1 on 1, where you will fight with the enemy, close in rank to yours. Win with your skill and luck!
Football is like regular football, you need to score balls into the goal. The only thing in football on Wilds IO is that you can smash your opponent during the game.
Practice is a small arena in the middle of the desert, where you can practice your movement and combat skills.