Today we want to present to you the fascinating and interesting game Hordes.io.
In it, the developers will take us to the wonderful world inhabited by various monsters with whom you will fight.
Your character will resemble a person consisting of cubes.
Your task is to develop it in this world.
You will go to locations and collect gold, for which you can buy for your character a variety of weapons, as well as gain.
But on your way you will meet monsters and players of rivals.
You can either bypass the party if you are not yet ready to cope with them, or you can join the battle.
At the initial stage, your hero will be armed with only one baton.
But over time, you can either buy a weapon or find it on the ground.
For combat, there will be a special panel with icons at the bottom.
These icons are responsible for certain actions of your hero.
After all, you can be in the game not only a warrior, but also have various magical tricks.
In general, sit back and try to make your character the strongest in the game.
The game Hordes.io is quite interesting, with a kind of graphics and well-designed storyline.
Having opened Hordes.io you will have a great time traveling around the fascinating world and leading a battle with the characters of your opponent.