Zlap.IO o is a game that fully meets the requirements of the IO genre. Her closest relatives are the neon Brutal.IO and the merciless Wreckers.IO. In Zlap IO, we will be given a sledgehammer, with the help of which we have to collect mass points and make our way to the Top. But unlike other mass-accumulation games, there are no mass points in ZlapIO that need to be collected. The only source of growth is to destroy other players, and this provides an extremely tight game interaction. You can never get bored in Zlap.IO.

The main task in ZlapIO is to score the most points. The daily record is fixed on the game page. Collecting points is possible in only one way - by crushing the other players. A droplet flies from the dead, which flies into your sledgehammer and, merging with it, increases its volume. The larger the sledgehammer, the easier it is for her to get other players. But at the same time, players with large sledgehammers are desirable prey, because many drops of growth will fly out of them.

Interaction with your own sledgehammer in Zlap.IO is not an easy task. Its movements are not particularly tied to the player and controlled by the mouse. The player himself is controlled by WASD. But in Zlap io you can not be afraid of your sledgehammer - meeting with it will not hurt you.