Wormax.IO share the entertaining gaming experience with other snake games like planetary Limax.IO and funny Wormate.IO. It is a pleasure to play Wormix. Spiky snakes are very pleasing to the eye and it looks like a battle of ancient giants. The game has the signup and save your progress so that you can slowly level up your worm, enhancing it with boosters, which give small advantages. But, as in other similar games, in Wormax.io ​​you win by your skill and with an ability to choose the correct moment to strike.

The task in Wormax IO is to gain the most mass. To do this, we will collect colored orbs of mass, they are lying everywhere on the map. When a worm bumps into something with its head, it also dies and its body breaks down into accumulated mass. Consequently, this mass can be absorbed, and therein lies the struggle of the worms in Wormax.IO - to destroy other worms so that they hit their head against your body.

Acceleration, full stop of the worm and "Ghost" are available as tactical maneuvers in Wormax.IO. By using Ghost you can pass through another worm. Each of these skills requires your mass consumption. Proper use of these skills is a guarantee of good and long life in the world of Wormax.IO!

A variety of tactics and styles is achieved in WormaxIO thanks to the worm enhancement system and boosters.

Unlike other snake games, in Wormax IO, there is a leveling of worm on your account. For this you need to register in the game. When you register, you get Essence in the amount of 1000 to 1 after death and 3000 to 1 after the first death. For this essence, you insert 7 auxiliary skills into the slots of your worm.

As a temporary bonuses enhancing your abilities in Wormax.IO there are boosters provided. Each of those boosters has its own unique ability. So get in the WormaxIO game and check them all out!