Snakes3d.IO is an unusual IO game. It looks like Slither.IO snake, no doubt, but something in it really distinguishes it from any other snake life simulator. Snakes 3d IO will delight with freshness and novelty of those who like the snake - games, and those who like IO games in general. A huge game world, a lot of rivals and 3d graphics - that's why it's worth trying this game.

The game task in Snakes3dIO is to become the biggest and fattest python in the entire history of the game. To do this, you need to eat small stones, some of which were originally here, and some came from the dead snakes. If you bump your head into the body of another snake or giant boulders scattered here and there, then you can die. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful, especially when passing through thickets of grass and little is visible. The main feature of Snakes3d.IO is unexpected turns. Sometimes the fate of a snake can be decided in just a few seconds of moving in the wrong direction.