Today we want to bring to your attention a very exciting new game Speedboats.io.
This game is multiplayer and other players from different countries of the world will play besides you.
At the beginning of the game you will be offered two options for the development of events.
You can play it either as guest or pass the minimal registration.
With the last options all your progress will be displayed in your player profile and visible to other participants in the game.
The meaning is pretty simple.
You will participate in battles on boats that will take place on various maps.
At the beginning of the game, you will appear on your boat in the expanses of water and you will have a window that will tell you which keys are responsible for controlling the movement of the boat, and which are for arming and firing.
Quickly reviewing this information, you will gain speed and start driving your boat looking for the enemy.
Your task is to quickly detect them and open fire to destroy the enemy.
But do not let the enemy hit you, otherwise your boat will explode.
Carry on the speed of the water surface, make various turns and departures, in general, dodge the enemy shooting.
For destroyed enemies you will be given points that you can spend on upgrading boats and weapons.
The game Speedboats.io is quite interesting, with a well thought out plot and beautiful and quite detailed graphics.