At first, playing Pie.AI is very strange and incomprehensible, but the dynamics of the game, different maps and objects will quickly make you like the game. In many games of the IO genre, it is better not to stand still and constantly move around; here this principle is elevated to super-high position. If you don’t fight with another player, then bombers firing jelly bombs fly over you. When such a bomb finds your character, he will turn into a jelly and will be eaten. If PieAI is not a breakthrough game, then a game of one hundred percent originality, which is coupled with interesting world.

Controls in Pie AI are simple: where we click with the mouse, our pet moves there. If we click on the cube, then our hero eats the cube. That’s all.

In Pie.AI we earn points to open new skins and for getting into the Top of the game. For points, we eat pies (all cubes, except for special objects) and other players. Special objects require Keys or Hammers to open them. Hammers are mined by eating a cube with the image of a Hammer, and the Key can be taken, just by eating the cube with the Key. As you can see, in Pie.AI, everything is very simple.

To heal, we use green cubes: first we eat them, and then we jump into the formed hole. There, our health is replenished to the maximum; besides this, we are invulnerable in the hole for jelly bombs, or for other players.

When robots drop a jelly bomb, it immediately shows its borders, and then begins to flood these borders with jelly. So we usually have a few moments to jump from a dangerous area.

In the center of the map in Pie.Ai the coolest bonus is stored: everything that you eat will be doubled. The bonus is unlimited, and it can be taken away from you only if someone will eat you. So be careful when taking this bonus: the hunt can start right there!

Keep your health constantly at its maximum. Even if someone hit you once, you need to heal.
It makes sense to accumulate hammers and keys as soon as the opportunity arises.
If you have attacked someone and he begins to peck you back, then drop this activity. Even if you started to attack him first and expect to win - yes, you will win, but you will have very little HP. So be careful.