Superspin.IO is a popular spinner toy ported to the world of IO games. It turned out the game in the genre of mass gain and battle with other players. The more crystals you collect, the more your spinner spins, but the more expensive you will be accelerating. Superspin IO is made graphically very good, there is the possibility of customizing the skin for a spinner, and absolutely free. Superspin.IO has quick entry into the game - in five minutes you will be playing at the professional level.

The challenge in SuperspinIO is to grow to the largest and fastest spinner. To do this, collect the glowing crystals, and knockout the other players. In the process of fighting with other players, the mass decides everything: the stronger the difference between your mass and the mass of the opponent's spinner, the safer the collision is for you. Crystals are knocked out of the defeated opponent, which can also be collected here.

It is not easy to move away from a larger opponent in Superspin IO, but it is possible because of how quickly a spinner loses mass during acceleration. Few people dare to chase a small spinner if they lose more on the way. Yes, it is not really necessary: ​​the larger the spinner, the more it can collect crystals from a larger area.