Laaaava.IO is a game based on offline kid’s game and its still popular in the modern world. In Laaaava IO the floor turned into lava and you need to do everything to touch it last. There are a lot of people playing lava.IO and the company is gathered quickly for the fun, and the game itself in some way is similar to Bonk.IO.

The rules of the game and controls in LaaaavaIO are extremely simple. The task is to remain the last surviving among five people. To stay above the lava you have to jump and bounce of from other players. At the moment of collision with others, it is important to be at the top to push the opponent straight into the lava. Once the round is over, you can jump into the new game.

Lava IO is a simple, mischievous and addictive game in which the rounds are passed like nuts - one after the other. There is a lot of luck in the game, but in the end, everything is decided by the ability to find a balance and attack only from a favorable position. Laaaava.IO will teach not to risk and not to climb on the rampage, if you seriously want to stay alive.