Gartic.IO is a graphic word guessing game. One player draws descriptions of words; others need to guess that word. The specialty of this game is that it supports more languages, it is possible to forget the mode of the leading player and, in general, the mechanism of interaction between the players with the game and the players with each other is very reasonably built.

The game goal in GarticIO is to score points. They are earned for correctly guessing the words that the presenter draws. And the one who draws gets points for correct guessing of the secret word. The game has a very friendly interface. I am glad that use of symbols, letters and numbers are forbidden. And if any player starts to break that rule, then you can press a special button to cut him out of the game.

In Gartic IO it is possible to practice your skills in foreign languages ​​and play in other languages. It is also interesting that if you write a word close to the one that was made, then a hint will appear that you are thinking in the right direction.

Gartic.IO is a very cool thought thru game with a wonderful interface and wide possibilities for creativity.