The rules of game DodgeBall.IO are very simple but very rich on action. Get ready to act not only quickly, but also very accurately.

You run around the DodgeBall io arena and collect balls. This gives you experience points and number of shots. When you collect balls at one hand, your character increases in size and it makes opponents easier to hit you, but on the other hand, your size is your ammunition.

Winning this game means getting to the top of the Highscore list and holding the championship for as long as possible. The player loses as soon as he is kicked out.

Your bouncer moves behind the mouse cursor. On the right click you throw the ball.
When you reach a new level, you are sometimes offered to develop a special skill. And at that moment they will say which key is used to activate it.

It makes sense to pump in the speed + range of a throw. From the rapidly flying ball it is harder to dodge.
At high levels, you have to lose weight by throwing balls in order to somehow reduce your size and make it more complicated to hit you. You have to go hunting with only one ball, but it's worth it.