Nightpoint.IO is an online multiplayer shooter against zombies and other players at the same time. There is a map populated by all sorts of opponents, and you need a lot of leveling to become the most powerful headhunter!

The goal in the Nightpoint IO is to become the coolest bounty hunter. For this you need to destroy the zombies and other players. You grow in experience, enhancing vital characteristics and weapons. The game is quite balanced, and even when you are the strongest player you still always have to be on the alert, because the death here may come super suddenly.

The first enhancement line is your weapon. It levels pretty quickly to its maximum. And depending on which upgrade you choose first, you will be given different lines of weapons in the future.

Then you enhance your characters four main characteristics: Speed, Health, Health Recovery Rate, and Accuracy. All are needed and all are helpful. Unlike weapons, the characteristics continue to grow from level to level.

Atmosphere, graphics and intense gameplay in the NightpointIO bring the game a world level. So we are playing and waiting for new weapons, maps and mods in the game Nightpoint IO!