Pikes.IO is the style itself in its purest form. Here, players will have to fight with each other, grow longer peaks and string them on opponents, which has no number.

The combat task in Pikes IO is to make your way to the Top. The more other players you kill, the longer your weapon becomes and the easier it is for you to launch attacks. Acceleration will help you fight, to complete the level of which you need to collect colored squares on the battlefield.

Those opponents in PikesIO who come behind you are most dangerous. So the main goal is to protect your rear. And in a head-on collision, the one who is longer than the peak wins in enormous probability. From here two types of tactics are built: beginner and trained players. Who has a long peak, they boldly accelerate and go to the opponent in the forehead. And beginners have to dodge and try to defeat enemies from the flanks or rear.

Pikes.IO is a combination of all that we love about the game: simple controls, bright graphics, lots of skins and, of course, dozens of players, figuring out who is the coolest warrior here!