Creatur.IO is a new format for gamers all around the world. Here presented already favorite by gamers eat to grow, and evolve your character with unique skills, and originality in the rules of battle with other players, which will please many gamers.

The main task in Creature IO is to grow big and strong, to lead the Highscore and stay there. To do this, you need to collect colored points of mass, bite or eat other players and do everything possible so that no one gets a lot of weight from you.

The game seduces you with a special kind of balance where even the smallest player can compete with the biggest. The main thing is to follow the basic rule: you can bite another player only from the back. Head-on collision will not harm anyone. The only plus of evolved players is that the little player will need to bite them several times to eat completely, while the larger beast eats the smaller one from one bite.

In CreatureIO, it is very important to choose the skills that you can master best. The total skill that you can learn is three, which corresponds to three levels of evolving, and further evolving goes only to the masses and works for the score.