Paper.Scissors.Rocks is a game where three teams confront each other: Rocks, Scissors and Papers. Your task is to break out into the Top and try not to die in addition to the original rules of the game, this will delight even experienced players.

The main task in Paper Scissors Rocks is to take the golden crown of the championship and keep it in your home as long as possible. For this you need not to fall into the players of the opposing team, but even if you are caught, you have second and third chances. The fact is that if the Stone beats the Scissors, then the last ones go over to the team and also become the Stone while losing some of their health. Thus, you can be beaten until health drops to zero - then yes, you are completely dead.

To replenish health, you need to catch someone else.

In the game, players have two states: game and invulnerable. During the game state, you can grab someone and you can also grab. During the invulnerable state you cannot do anything with each other. Invulnerable players for the first few seconds after they entered the game, changed a team or used a special skill.

The developers of Paper.Scissors.Rocks assure all players that they have a lot of things done for improvement and ideas that they want to implement to the game on the theme of the eternal confrontation of Rock, Paper and Scissors, so that we will play and wait for the updates from them.