Doomed.IO is a game in the style of resource mining games for later survival. The original design, a lot of gaming options for the construction of buildings, the creation of household items and weapons - all available in this outstanding game. Same as battles with other players and local fauna and much, much more!

The goal in DoomedIO is to earn as many score points as possible. To do this, you are given a wide range of actions. First you need to gather the resources. You can only mine a tree by hand. In the upper right corner there is an up arrow - this is the menu for creating weapons and building buildings. With items like pickaxes, you can mine wood at the faster extraction rate.

As you extract resources, hunt animals and battle with other players, you are advancing in level. For each level, you can enhance one of its characteristics in the lower left corner.

To the number of features of Doomed IO you can also add water and lava. Water can be crossed, but slowly. But in lava you can die very quickly, no matter how leveled up you are.