Stomped.IO is a fun .IO game where you have to collect the stars and try to jump on other players to stomp them. On the other hand, the main thing is not to be stomped down by yourself!

The main task in StompedIO is to collect the stars, occupy the Top and stay on Top. And to keep up with other players you will really need to stay on the top of the map and above all players. The first way to get stars is to collect those stars that are already on the map. The second way - you need to jump on another player, and he will be smashed into many stars. So you can't let anyone land on top of you.

Stomped IO is a great anti stress - a game with a pleasant design, beautiful stars and smooth gameplay. Good for both adults and kids.

You should note that the main task to win is to collect stars, the more the better. And there are enough stars even without a fight. On the other hand, you can just fight and see how much stars it will bring you and how high you will go to the leaderboard. The most sensible tactic is to collect stars, defending against an attack if necessary.