is a very minimalist .IO game about the beloved Ugandan knuckles. The task will be to exterminate other knuckles, because there should be only one!

The itself is very simple, and the goal in it is elementary. Each Knuckles owns a spear with which he bursts his opponents like balloons. There are two tasks: to stay alive as long as possible and to burst as many opponents as possible during the game. To do this, we have only one trick in our arsenal: acceleration. To aim with a spear is best in the middle of an opponent. In a frontal collision, you will have a chance to hit an opponent for a moment earlier. But if he also marks in the middle of your character, there is a chance that you are mutually eliminated.

In Knuckol club you can collect colored orbs of experience, for which to grow in level. The level does not affect anything other than the rating. The length of the peaks that at 1m level, which at 6m remains the same. In this regard, KnuckolIO is very democratic: the players who have just entered have the same chances of success in the confrontation as the high-level ones.