Fightz.IO is an elementary MMO game with its own charm. A game where players hunt animals and each other to take a place on the tops of the Leaderboard.

The main task of the player in FightzIO is to get into the Top. To do this, first you need to hunt animals. Most of them do not attack you back, and after their death they leave the small orbs of experience. Collecting these orbs in increases your level and with new level you will get a new weapon for your class. Fighting with players who have better weapons than yours is very dangerous, so you need to constantly farm mobs around you.

Despite the strange design of the game and movement of the characters, Fightz IO has its own class. Periodically, a strong battle is organized among the players of different factures, those are best to be avoided, because you can receive a punch from anywhere and get wasted. In those kind of carnage you can die even with the most powerful weapons.

Huge blue circles on the map are lakes, the speed of movement in which is significantly lower than on land. Same for swamps, sands and other difficult terrains.

If you feel strong enough you can try to steal a weapon from the enemy base. But be sure to run quickly afterwards.