Sworm.IO is not just another snake game. An original idea, a great implementation, a top notch design - that's what Sworm IO is, and you definitely need to play it!

The main goal in Sworm.IO is to score as many points as possible. To do this, you need to absorb energy crystals, which are generously spread all over the battlefield. But, of course, the most points you can score by destroying other players!

Here, as in other snake games such as slither.io, you cannot crash into the opponent's body, otherwise you could die. But in SwormIO, you can also bite the enemy's body, snip off an unprotected piece from it! In this case, the head part of the enemy will continue to move on, and the rest of you will slowly, not immediately, disintegrate into crystals.

So that no one SwormIO could get to your unprotected part, you need to accumulate armor. Each beetle eaten protects with armor +1 snake compartment. But most of all adds to the armor a special booster in the form of a white geometric figure. If the enemy bites you in a protected area, his snake will die.

Another new feature in Sworm.IO is that there may be more than one snake! Each worm icon you eat adds a + 1 snake to you. They make up the original satellites of the main snake and also obey the rule “follow the cursor”, but they can deviate from the course, devouring nearby crystals. In battle, they are very stupidly behaving, although they constitute a shield for the main snake. If, due to any misunderstanding, the main snake dies, then you will continue to play for the largest of the remaining snakes.

The last of the features of the game is that the scroll can zoom in and out of the map. The bigger your snake becomes, the farther you can see. So having eaten another opponent, you can twist the wheel to look even wider at the world of Sworm IO.

On the main page of the Sworm.IO game you can find TOP players from all over the world. Damn nice to see your name in the first place. But to defeat other players, you will have to try hard!