Shootem.IO invites us to participate in a magnificent battle in the city, park and beach area. There are a lot of weapons, cars and opponents!

The main task in Shootem IO is to get points for shooting everything around. In this game, literally everything has a health bar, and for the destruction of objects you are awarded $ prize money. There is no leveling for the points received, but you can move to the top of the leaderboard and stay there.

On the map you can find different weapons. Having tested different types of weapons, we can say that the starting pistol is quite a decent gun in Shootem.IO! Any weapon in this game does not require reloading or additional ammunition, so you can shoot without stops to reload.

The most wonderful thing in the Shootem io is the car. It can destroy both the details of the landscape and crush other players. The car is indestructible. The amount of health you see when driving is your health. When it is not enough, it is worth stop for a while to fill it, or find a first aid kit.