Nend.IO is an online multiplayer survival game. In fact, the simulator of social life of people. Hang out, eat, sleep, fight for the loot and slowly grow and become a rich old fart in a stylish suit.

Nend IO stands for Never ENDing game. The main task here is to survive. You have several scales-indicators, which are gradually reduced and you need to fill them. Food, sleep, going to the toilet, emotional background, neat clothes - all this needs to be obtained, and you have to pay for these things. Gradually, your character will grow, pumped and become richer. Not only new skills will be available to you, but you can also buy new buildings!

As in all similar games, in NendIO if any of the scales came to an end, your character gets into difficulties. From lack of food, your HP will gradually decrease to death. Sleep is the most important thing! As soon as the sleep scale comes to an end, you automatically fall asleep for a few seconds. During this time, you may well be beaten to death by other players and pick up all your accumulated money for yourself!

With food here is also interesting. Buy food in stalls, vending machines. Some products may have a temporary effect. So, from coffee, you not only correct the scale of food, but also become faster to move. And you can eat in the garbage can, but the emotional level of this will decrease.

Who said that money on the road is not lying? In Nend.IO and they roll and how! Run all over the map and collect $$$. But always remember that the surest way to get money is to take it away from another player! So be on the lookout: all the enemies, except those people with whom you decide to team up.