Devast.IO is a new io game created by the developer LapaMauve. You must have been playing his games, such as Starve IO, Nend IO and other cool IO games. If you played Starve IO, it will be easier for you to figure it out, nevertheless Devast IO is an original game with original gameplay and great music. The real evolution of stalker! Build your shelter!

Your task in Devast IO is to survive by any means. At the same time, this does not mean not getting caught by the opponents, but also not dying of hunger, cold and dehydration. It is necessary to closely monitor the level of indicators, as soon as any of them will fall closer to zero, the level of your health will begin to decrease very quickly.

Thus, the first thing you should deal with in Devast io is how and where to get water, food and make a fire. Then you can begin to build a shelter and craft everything you need for this.

At the top of the screen you will see the inventory menu button. Let's see what is there:
Skills - you can improve the visibility or capacity of the inventory for experience points
Crafts - various crafts for which they did not make a separate group
Items - hats and other clothes that give various additional bonuses
Buildings - elements for building a shelter, walls, doors, etc.
Plants and seeds - to grow food yourself

And you probably noticed a radiation icon in Devast IO? Yes, at some point the onset of radiation will begin, and you should be ready for this at any moment!

Devast IO is a world in which you need to quickly understand with whom you can be friends, and who, at the first opportunity, will put a knife in your back. Make friends and allies here, for it is easier to survive together. Create clans and keep control of all the territory that you need!

Also in Devast IO, you can purchase a private server on which you can play by your own rules. There you can arrange your own mini-games, such as puzzles, battle arenas, bomberman games, and so on. You can invite anyone you want to your private server, and you will be moderating it during the game. You are there - the sole ruler, changing anything with one move of your mighty finger.