FlyOrDie.IO is an original game in the style of Eat and Evolve. Here you will level up from the simplest fly to formidable predators. The main thing is not to become prey yourself! Maybe Fly Or Die IO is the new and evolved MopIO.

The main task in FlyorDieIO is to gain experience points and evolve. At the very top of the center, you see your experience bar, the next animal into which you will evolve, and the icons of animals that you can eat. However, what you can eat will be highlighted with a green outline. Be wary of everyone you see in the red circuit - they can eat you. Other players are neutral for you and so are you. When creating FlyOrDie IO, the authors relied on common sense and the butterfly, for example, eats pollen (flowers), flies eat cough and carrion. It is also necessary for everyone to replenish their water supply in time to stay alive.

Fly or Die IO is a game where your habitat will change depending on which creature you have evolved. For further growth, you will need to move both horizontally and vertically: clouds, surface, dungeon. Wherever you are, scout a reservoir nearby. If you are a predator, you can hide nearby for hunting. If you are not yet very strong or peaceful, look around before approaching the water.

Notice that every creature in Fly IO can fly. There are three ranks of animals: insects, younger birds and older birds (falcon). Brown Falcon can eat even pigs and cats! And the coolest birds do not eat every little thing and stop eating the fruits of trees. When you reach the maximum development, it remains only to fly on the map and terrify its inhabitants!