Airplane Cleanup and Car Wash

In the game "Airplane Cleanup and Car Wash" we will be able to feel like the most real flight mechanics and flight attendants.
First you need to choose one of the four types of air transport.
The choice will be three large aircraft and one helicopter.
As soon as you decide, then you can safely get down to business.
First you need to thoroughly wash and clean the aircraft from dirt, so that you can easily identify and troubleshoot the vehicle.
As soon as the car wash is finished, you can start repairing aircraft breakdowns.
Replace broken propellers and fuel the tank.
After that, you need to go to the salon and restore order there.
To do this, you need to collect garbage in the basket, clean the seats for passengers and wash the coating on the floor of the aircraft.
And voila! Your plane is sparkling clean and can go on a regular flight.
Have a nice game!