Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio game was created by the plot of the well-known cartoon "Rio".
Action will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is located in a very amazing country of Mexico.
There goes a small squad of evil birds to free their friends from captivity. The creators have pleased us with a new version of the game with evil birds - "Angry Birds Rio".
And so, the main task of evil birds will be to free their friends, exotic birds of Rio, from captivity.
They can do this by breaking the cages in which the Rio birds are sharpened. Remember the laws of physics, charge evil birds in a slingshot and make accurate shots at the cells.
In your management there are different types of birds that cause completely different damage.
Crumbled birds, fast yellow, usual red and others.
Together, they can destroy any obstacles to save their friends. After each shot, the bird's flight path will be marked on the screen, thanks to which it will be easier for you to aim before the next shot.
With each level the game will be complicated, the cells with birds will be much more and they will be hidden behind a pile of boxes, as well as wooden, glass and iron blocks.
Slowly shoot shot after shot to hit and smash all the cells.
Free all the birds of Rio and let them fly to freedom as soon as possible!