Angry Birds Space

The game Angry Birds Space - events transfer our tireless heroes of angry birds into the deep space, where there is eternal peace and silence.
There is virtually no gravity, and gravity exists only near planets and asteroids. Angry birds stumbled upon entire settlements of bad pigs that live here a long time ago.
Birds decide not to waste time in vain, but to do your favorite game.
You must help them charge in a slingshot and bombard the dwellings of green pigs.
Unfortunately, angry birds in space do not feel as confident as on earth, because there is no gravity, and different space bodies and objects can occur on their way.
To control the flight of birds and better aim, you must use the attraction of the planets to your advantage.
Shoot accurately and hit the pigs with minimal cost to the birds. Look at the bird's flight path and expect in advance whether it will hit the target.
The game consists of 60 different levels in which you have to come up with different plans to destroy all the pigs.
Angry birds in space should score as many balls as possible, because the final result in each level depends on it.
Use all kinds of birds wisely. If the target is nearby, you can launch a red bird, if you shoot a lot of targets with a blue loose bird, and if you need to blow something up, use a black one.
Help Angry Birds to conquer the entire galaxy and clean it from pigs!