Anime: School Avatar 2

In the game "School Avatar 2" you will find a new interesting character constructor.
If in the first part of this character constructor, you could create cute girls, then it was the turn of the boys.
One has only to use your imagination a little and you will have a charming schoolboy, from whom all the school girls are crazy.
If you prefer athletes or charismatic botanists, then go ahead! Here, you can create any character with your own charm and special style.
To do this, you will have everything you need: all the elements of the exterior, several options for clothing and a wide variety of accessories that will help give your avatar a spark.
Here, you can roam to the fullest using your imagination and taste.
You can create a person with an inimitable image and an interesting inner world that will be read in his eyes and gestures.
After all, behind the appearance lies the true essence of man.
Enjoy the game and good luck!