Aquar.IO is an online io game. Pack your bags and visit the fascinating world of the underwater kingdom. This is a cool continuation of the much-loved Oceanar io, and even in a great 3d format.

The goal of Aquario game is to create the largest and strongest school of fish. In the upper right corner there are top players; Head it up and keep on top for as long as possible. And for the set records, they will put you in the Top Thousand on the title page of the game site.

To grow your army you need to eat plankton and enemy fish. Starting small fish appear, but they can be crossed, creating more mobile, large and aggressive creatures. The main goal during the battle is the starting fish - the queen. If you destroy it, the fish left without the queen will go to your side.

Wander around the depths and depths of the Aquar io and find neutral fish that cannot be created in the classical way, and which join your school with joy. Take care of your initial fish and show everyone who is the most important in the whole sea.