Army of the Ages

In the game "Army of the Ages" - you will encounter alien monsters who will try to take over the earth.
The game begins in the Stone Age, when stone and a stick were the main weapons of a man, and ended with airplanes, tanks and even robots.
The main task is to develop our base, build new buildings, train soldiers and, most importantly, get water. You have individual workers who can collect water.
All collected water turns into gold, which is so necessary for all buildings and improvements.
Alien monsters also have their base and every hour they train more and more new creatures that will be much stronger than the previous ones. Be very careful, build your battle strategy and do everything to win!
Each constructed building will train soldiers and they will immediately go towards the enemy and join the battle. Having gained the necessary amount of experience, you can improve your base by moving to the new century.
Each new century has its advantages: stronger warriors, faster workers, and more. Collect more money, evolve to new and new centuries to get the most powerful army that will lead you to victory.
To defeat an alien enemy, you need to destroy his base, this game will be over. Good luck!