Beasts Battle

The Beasts Battle game is a strategic, turn-based online game in which you have to create your big army and defeat all enemies.
By its principle, the game is similar to the "Heroes of Might and Magic". Battles take place in turn-based mode, where both players walk their warriors in turn.
The game is divided into two campaigns. Warrior company: to clear the land of enemy animals.
There are strong beasts and more gold. Campaign mage: to capture the entire territory of their beasts. The effect of spells is much more powerful. So, you have to choose one of the campaigns and start the game.
You participate in constant battles, where the one who leads the battle follows his own clever strategy.
You can buy different animals that will fight on your side.
All warriors can be divided into groups of different numbers. The more warriors in the group, the stronger it is.
It is possible to move on the battlefield only at a certain distance, which depends on the type of your soldiers.
Earn money and hire animals, archers, orcs and magicians. Make the right moves on the battlefield and win!
The game has a lot of spells and different skills available for leveling, so you will like it!