Bob the Robber 2

Welcome to the world of alternative justice.
In the "Bob the Robber 2" game, you will meet again with our old friend named Bob.
This time his robbery will be much bigger than in the first part of this game.
Now you can not only rob rich people by usual methods but also you will have access
to super modern gadgets: a master key, an energy drink, a camera, a stun gun and a masking spray.
The master key will help you instantly open the locks of varying complexity.
Energetic make you faster for a while.
The camera can take an instant photo and the robber Bob will cover the camera with a photo.
The stun gun has a strong charge and can knock out policemen and large bodyguards, who can not be taken with the blow of Bob’s baton.
A masking spray will make you invisible, even if Bob is moving.
As soon as you get acquainted with the gadgets and buy something, we will be able to start playing.
You will wander through the mansions and other buildings that are filled with security systems.
Be careful and you will be able to achieve your goal.
Have a nice game!