is a catch game like in one of the mods in Brofist io. Initially, there are people who have some time to scatter around the map to hide or barricade themselves against zombies. And then there are zombies, which in one touch turn people into their own kind. You can defend with the help of furniture and weapons. The weapon, in turn, is bought for the money won, and sometimes appears on the card as a bonus. Zombie io is a game made with humor and in which there is always someone to play with.

As long as you are a man, your task is to stay alive. If you hold out until the end of the invasion, then you will be credited with prize money. If a zombie bites you, now your task is the opposite - to bite all people and not let them win. Despite the fact that Braains io is a team game, players do not need to cooperate very much and you can safely act alone.

You cannot kill a zombie with a weapon, but you can wave it off and simply block access to yourself, at least from the side where the weapon is directed. If you register in the game, you can get into the global ranking and break through to the Top.

On different servers - different maps, which adds variety to the game. At first it may seem very strange that so many people play Braainsio and that the servers are often at full capacity. But after a couple of games, the whole meaning of the eternal confrontation becomes clear.