Businessman Simulator 2

Welcome to the world of big money.
Now you start to build your business from scratch. In the "Business Simulator 2" game, you open your fast food and sell hamburgers.
As soon as your point starts to give a good profit, you will be able to unwind further.
For example, open a pizzeria and a game studio. Сhildren and teenagers like both, which already promises good profits with the right income.
That's just worth remembering a few nuances. As soon as you earn your first capital, you can hire a sales manager. This will help increase and speed up earnings.
For each improvement of their enterprises, you will receive a gold star. This will help you earn more and open a new venture.
For example, you can afford to open a casino and an airport. To invest in a new business, you must earn a certain amount that will contribute to the prosperity of your organization.
Click the mouse to earn more money and become a magnate in many industries.
This is nice clicker and idle genre game.
Good luck!