Cars 3D

In the game "Cars: Racing 3D" - you will be in the role of a racer who drives a famous car by the name of Lightning MacQueen.

This time you will take part in competitions with other, rather fast racers.

In this game you have the ability to perform drift, as well as using nitro.
So, you will have three game modes: career, single race and time trial.
Choose any of the modes and start racing.
You control, as already known, red lightning machine.

You will drive on a highway, on which there will be different obstacles.
Only four cars participate in the race, which you will need to overtake and come to the finish line first.

At sharp turns, you need to use the handbrake to go through the turn with drift.

You and Lightning MacQueen must become one whole so that you can outrun all opponents.

Forward to the race, it's time to show everyone what a cool racer you are.