Classic Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft fan? Do you remember the very first Minecraft version? Old Minecraft looked primitive, but the basic concept was preserved unchanged. For the tenth anniversary of the game, Microsoft gave all fans the opportunity to play that very first version.

Exactly ten years ago, the first version of Minecraft was released. True, it was called at first CaveMan, and only after some time found its real name. The legendary creator of the game, Markus Persson aka Notch, retired, and now Microsoft is engaged in the continuation and development of the universe of cubes. In honor of the holiday, the developers decided to show how old Minecraft looked like. At the beginning there was only earth and stones, and at one time the cobblestones were not of strict square shapes, but of rounded and context-dependent construction. Then dozens of blocks and mods were added and removed, but these were the very first nine blocks that started it all.

If you want to download the Classic version of Minecraft, you don't have to look too much - it is available online right here. You can invite up to nine friends and rebuild fantastic landscapes and buildings together.

Version 0.0.23a_01 assumes only a sandbox. This means that in the Classic Minecraft you cannot die, or drown, there are no creeper and lava here, and when you fall from a height you will get off with a slight fright. Also available to you in unlimited amounts of resources for construction. You can destroy the entire map to the base, and then recreate it in the form in which you want. There are maps of three sizes available to you, with the ability to customize rendering so there would be no lags.

Send to your friends screenshots of what you have done, or even better - invite them to play and build with you. Copy a link for them from the main screen and now you play together on one server. There are only pure creativity!