Clicker Monsters

In the clicker game "Clicker Monsters", you will fight with terrible monsters.
You will begin your journey from the green forest. There are terrible creatures: bloodthirsty trees, voracious flowers - cannibals, nightmarish spiders and green slugs.
But the peak of fear and horror will be the main boss of the forest - the flower - mutant.
Then, you will continue battles in the cold inhospitable tundra, mystical cave and many other not very pleasant places. You must destroy monsters to earn some gold coins.
They can be more than spent in a gun shop in the left corner of the playing field. There you can buy big batons, huge hammers, axes, swords, maces and sabers.
With each new level of enemies will become stronger and more damage they need to apply. And this means that you need to buy weapons stronger.
Be patient and forward to victory!