Cruel Beats Clicker

Are you a good fighter? Then this game is exactly for you!
There will be a lot of bad guys in this game and you will beat them all!
The main thing is to choose your opponent and you can tear it off to the fullest.
You can knead it until your fists get tired.
But they will not get tired! In the game "Cruel Beats Clicker", you will be able to more than train in a fistfight on the unpleasant face of a local bully.
He naively thinks he's the strongest here.
This will continue until this petty thug meets you.
This is where the most brutal part of the game begins. In the lower block of the game there will be two tapes of life - yours and your opponent. Your task is to discourage the scumbag so as to completely reset its health tape. Beat rivals without sparing fists and punches. Ready? Forward!