Dangerous Dungeon Escape

Today you have to test your nerves.
In the game "Dangerous Dungeon Escape", you wake up in a strange place.
Its very dark around and only when the eyes are accustomed to the darkness you start to feel a powerful wave of horror.
You find yourself in a terrible dungeon, where you are surrounded by skeletons.
This is hardly a joke and it makes it so scary that the goosebumps start to run down the back.
But do not fall in despair, you need to do something urgently to escape.
So first, look around carefully and try to collect the maximum amount of useful items: a knife, an orange rag, a hammer and so on.
Now you need to figure out what's what and try to do everything to move forward and quickly get out of this terrible place.
Try to solve all the puzzles and riddles to find a path to freedom.
Enjoy the game and good luck!