Death Penalty: Zombie Football

Try to play the most insane and bloody "Death Penalty: Zombie Football".
You can play for any well-known team, for example, Manchester United vs Zombie Chelsea.
The main task is to score at least one goal against the opponents. You have only one player who constantly hits penalties, and your opponents have zombie goalkeeper and players.
Direct the ball directly into the zombies and shoot them with the ball until you kill.
It is worth noting that hitting the head kills zombies almost with one blow.
Everything is pretty simple here, and very interesting at the same time.
You are standing in front of the gate and the person throwing the balls to you one by one.
Your task is to shoot the ball all the zombies, and then the main goalkeeper.
The goalkeeper has a lot more life and he is very strong.
We'll have to try, because the zombies are coming to you, if you don't kill them in time, then they will come and eat you.
If you managed to kill all the zombies, you can proceed to the main strike on the gate, if you hit it you will pass the level. Good luck!