Dino Home

Two funny dinosaurs lived happily in the forest.
One day, they went out of the house in search of food, and when they returned they found out that a big bird had stolen their egg.
They immediately went in search of a bird and now they need your help.
The game is suitable for two players, which means that one player will control the red dinosaur, and the other player the blue one.
In general, dinosaurs need to find a bird and then return home, but this will not be so easy.
In their adventures, dinosaurs will wander through completely unknown, alien territories.
Here they are expected by various obstacles, as well as a bunch of dangers.
The game has 25 levels that you need to try to get through.
Each of the dinosaurs has its own strength, red - attacks in melee, and green - shoots arrows.
With the help of their strength, they will be able to defeat all enemies and return home.
Will they be able to pass these tests? Let's find out!