Dungeon Clicker

Welcome to the dungeon. Your character will be a valiant knight who is ready to fight with any monster in order to save the beautiful princess.
You will manage this courageous warrior in the game "Dungeon Clicker". Your main task - to destroy all the monsters in the deep underground kingdom. To do this, click on them as soon as possible. Then they will burst like soap bubbles.
For each monster killed, you will receive gold coins. They will help you raise your character’s power level.
To do this, click on the icon with the image of a knight. Also, you can take yourself an assistant who will fight with you shoulder to shoulder.
This will significantly strengthen your position in front of the enemies.
Their level of strength is also worth periodically raising. At the end of each level, you will have a "warm" meeting with the boss.
It must be destroyed for a certain time, and it was for victory that you pumped the knight and his teammates.
After the second level, bonus potions and potions will be available to you. Some will increase attack power twice, and the rest will give you special attacks.
Are you ready for bloody battles?
Then, go ahead to the victory!