Earn to Die 2: Exodus

The game "Earn to Die 2: Exodus" - a new part of the well-known game about zombies.
As before, our hero will try to survive in this zombie apocalypse.
The remaining soldiers have long gathered all the living and went to the rescue ship.
Our hero is left alone in a city full of zombies and now his task will be to get to the other side of the country at any cost.
The only hope for salvation is to get to the team of surviving people, but this will require a car.
You start the game on the weakest machine.
Drive her as far as possible to get to the staging point and get a new, more powerful machine.
On the way, try to crush all the zombies in order to earn more money and upgrade the car.
Install a wheels of a larger size, more powerful engines, and a bigger gasoline tank, otherwise you won't be able to drive even one kilometer of the way.
To better deal with the zombies, you can install on the machine gun.
An air booster will help your car take off into the air for a while.
Open new cars, truck, ambulance and others.
Upgrade them to the last to get a unique engine improvement.
Drive around the ruins of megalopolises and be merciless to zombies.
Good luck!