Earn to Die

Super cool game called "Earn to Die".

The story begins with how one person surrounded by zombies stuck somewhere in the desert saw a helicopter - this was his only chance for salvation.

Getting to the helicopter is not so easy, because a lot of hungry zombies are walking around the desert.
All you need is a car.
When you start playing, you buy the simplest car and start driving forward.
In one day you can drive a short distance, because you run out of gas.
On the way, you will meet zombies you need to crush.

For each crushed zombies you get money.

Buy upgrades for your car.

Increased fuel, improved engine and chassis, big wheels and even a turbo booster.
All these upgrades will help your car to get to the rescue point, where you will find an even better car.
Every day you will move further and further, but the zombies will not stop behind you, they will block your path, so you will only have one way out - to run them over! When all your cars will be improved to the max - you can finally get to the helicopter and escape.

Have a good game!