Eliminator Solitaire

Eliminator solitaire is played with full pack of 52 playing cards. After shuffle the cards are divided in in four columns that consist of 13 cards each. Your goal is to remove all cards from those columns by creating six foundations in the upper part.
Foundations can be built either up or dawn in card rank regardless of its suit. To start the game just move one of exposed cards form columns to foundations above. You can build foundations ascending or descending sequence regardless of cards suit.
For example, you can start foundation with 8 of hearts and continue it with 7 of spades and after that add 6 of clubs.
Also, you can start other foundations while building this one by taking another of exposed card from column and placing it to one of the 5 empty foundations above.
The order can be ascending or descending and can any time change its direction. So you can put 10, after that 9 on it, than again 10 and after that Jack on it.
Sure it sounds very easy until you try.