Fart King Bros

Welcome to the incredibly fun game – an adventure "Fart King Bros".

Only here and now you can get to know the legendary warriors of the African tribe - the Fart brothers.
These brave warriors repeatedly saved their village from various misfortunes with their special gift.

You ask what? So listen.

These two brothers with the help of farts can soar over long distances and on to a great height.
That's why they were called the Fart bros.
You can play this game alone, testing your strength and hoping only for yourself.

But if you call your friends, then it can become a game for two.

So, your main goal is to collect all five masks and return them to the totem.

For this you need to act together, because none of the brothers can go far from each other.

The further you advance, the harder the levels will be.

On the way to the masks you will encounter enemies.

You need to bypass them and continue your hunt the masks.
Enjoy the game!