FireBoy & WaterGirl in Jurassic World

In the game " FireBoy & WaterGirl in Jurassic World", you will again plunge into the wonderful world of adventure.
Small spirits Fire and Water again go on a quest to search for sacred crystals for their temple.
This time they got to the world of dinosaurs and now they need your help.
Despite all the courage of the FireBoy and WaterGirl, they will not be able alone to cope with all the obstacles and traps that will fall in their way.
This means that you need to help them, but it’s better to call a friend for help and play for two.
If this is not possible, then you can play alone.
Remember that Fire and Water are afraid of opposing elements.
If Water falls into a fire trap or Fire falls into a ditch with water, they will die.
Also, green acid pools are dangerous for both.
And beware of dinosaurs.
Enjoy the game and good luck!