Fishing Champion

Fishing Champion is another great game in which you have to fish.
You will participate in fishing competitions and if you win, you will become a real champion of fishing.
And so, you will be fishing on a small island on which there are 6 different places for fishing. You start from the first place. To go to the second level you need to catch fish at a certain cost.
In the bottom menu of the game you can find the hint button, the amount of money earned, a map, a list of fish and more. Throw your fishing rod and start spinning the reel. As soon as one of the fish sees your bait, you must twist the coil a little more to interest the fish and make it grab your worm.
After that, you need a sharp movement of the mouse right, left, pull the fish out of the water. As soon as the fish is caught, money is immediately credited to your account. If you have reached the goal, then the game moves to the second level, where you will fish in another part of the island.
With each new level, the task will become more complicated, you will have to catch more and more fish, and larger fish swim in the water, which is not so easy to pull out. In any case, if you try, you will definitely win!
Change the floats and try to catch the bonuses that float in the water.